Vermont Court Welcomes Xarelto Lawsuit Case

By | September 1, 2015

Xarelto (rivaroxaban), a blood-thinner produced by Bayer AG and Johnson&Johnson to treat several conditions such as atrial fibrillation, is a high-risk medication that caused several deaths in the last few years. Dozens of lawsuits are being filed every year against these pharmaceutical companies, as many people suffered uncontrollable internal bleeding that lead many patients to hospitalization causing severe injuries, and sometimes even death. Xarelto has no antidote known in fact, and once the life-threatening event starts, there’s nothing much doctors can do. The last one of these lawsuits was recently filed in Vermont, as people who lost their relatives or suffered some form of severe injury ask not only for justice, but for this highly dangerous medication to be removed from the market. The suit was filed in Vermont federal court together with the case number 2:14 -CV-00159-CR on July 25, 2014 making these allegations against Xarelto’s producers.

Wrongful Death – Xarelto Lawsuit Filed in Vermont Federal Court:

Specifically, the lawsuit was brought to court by the daughter of a man who died after being prescribed Xarelto. The man suffered from atrial fibrillation (often called “afib”), and hat to take an anticoagulant medication to prevent blood clots from forming, and reducing his risk of stroke. However when a small accident happened to him, the rivaroxaban drug found in his system was way too much effective in preventing his blood from clotting. So tragically, after six days in the hospital, doctors tried all they could do to save him, to no avail. The man died from a massive hemorrhage (uncontrollable internal bleeding) on August 1, 2012. The grievance alleges that his departure was caused by Xarelto use. Nobody explained the man or his daughter, that among Xarelto’s side effects there was a scary one: death.

Lawsuit Alleges that Xarelto Caused Brain Bleed:

The man more specifically, died of an adverse event called “parenchymal hemorrhage”, one among the most severe brain bleeds, that often happens without any understandable reason. It is a severe, life-threatening event that should be treated as an immediate medical emergency, and it’s often caused by other injuries such as fall, or car accident, or hypertension, but sometimes it just happens as a major side effect of Xarelot itelsf. A hemorrhage inside the head interrupts and compresses brain tissue, causing a dramatic upsurge in intracranial pressure in a process called herniation. As the blood that gets out from vessels compresses the tissues, it prevents them from receiving proper oxygenation. The brain is a very delicate organ, and even a few minutes without oxygen can cause death, or even if the patient is quickly saved, they may cause serious or permanent damage. This is, when you can save the patient. In fact with Xarelto in his body, the doctors could not stop the bleeding inside his cranium, as there was no way to stop the blood-thinning action of the medication, leading to an uncontrollable bleeding event. Intracranial bleeding often results in death, but in this occasion there was simply nothing anyone can do. All life saving measures required to treat this condition proved to be ineffective, and the man died before anyone can do anything useful.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits Filed Against Xarelto:

The charge filed alleges that in the event the woman and her dad properly knew how dangerous this medication was, fully understanding that among the side effects of Xarelto, irreversible bleed was present, they probably never have choose to utilize this drug at all. There are several other similar drugs available on the market, and they’re way safer. They allege that the manufacturers of Xarelto were reckless by not fully explaining the risks involved, and thus they’re responsible for the injuries and death they cause.