No More Class Action Lawsuits Against Xarelto

By | September 13, 2015

There’s now no more class action Lawsuits against Johnson&Johnson and Bayer AG involving alleged harms caused by uncontrollable bleeding do to their drug Xarelto. In a class action suit, the plaintiffs all are combined into one big case and individual damages would then need to be shared and experienced by all participating victims. In the legal process agenst Xarelto this would not be possible and as such would be need to be prosecuted as a category. Since this really isn’t the case for Xarelto plaintiffs, whose harms and damages match exactly and vary considerably from case to case, a class action suit was found to be inappropriate. Instead  These Lawsuits would merged into an MDL over the claims:

“Xarelto supposedly knew about the risks of the drug and yet failed to warn of uncontrollable internal bleeding and in the adverse event of uncontrollable bleeding failed to adequately warn patients as well as their physicians there was nothing to do.”

An MDL is formed to expedite the judicial procedure for both the plaintiffs and the defendants judicial resources. In an MDL, a large number of cases can move through the court system a lot more rapidly in a pretrial stage, than if they were managed separately.