Lawsuit Numbers Grow as Ad Spending Increases

By | September 1, 2015

You may need to think again if you thought the number of lawsuits filled agenst Xarelto was about to slow down. In the previous month, another 400 or so xarelto lawsuits where added to the Xarelto multi district litigation suit, alleging patients suffered serious Xarelto side effects, including uncontrolled bleeding and even death after taking the medication.

That is up from 805 lawsuits consolidated as of July 15, 2015 and nicely up from the around 500 lawsuits consolidated in June. Consolidation of litigations is done when litigations isn’t an opinion on the worthiness of the person suits and share similar questions of fact another words a class action lawsuit on the fact every one shares the same symptoms and became sick after taking the medication.

In the case of Xarelto, lawsuits allege serious bleeding events were endured by patients and weren’t sufficiently warned that use of Xarelto could lead to uncontrolled bleeding and death.

Xarelto is a blood thinner, used to decrease the chance of strokes and blood clots. It’s among a newer generation of anticoagulants and has really been promoted as an effectual and protected drugs.

But critics contend that Xarelto patients should have their blood monitored because there’s still a danger of uncontrolled bleeding. And when Xarelto came out, it didn’t come to bleeding occasions with an antidote. Warfarin has an antidote in the type of vitamin K, so patients who developed bleeding occasions may be given vitamin K to counteract the blood.



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In spite of the dearth of an antidote, Xarelto is also apparently more costly than warfarin. Critics maintain that Xarelto includes a similar danger of serious bleeding events but with no antidote and has no added advantage over warfarin.

This implies that comparatively mild injuries could become serious for patients taking Xarelto, which is what suits allege has occurred.

The suits are filed against Janssen and Bayer Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturers of Xarelto, alleging the firms knew or should have known about the hazards related to their drug.